Flipping the Script: How Akrobat Brand's Content Creator Meet-Up Skyrocketed their Social Media Success

The challenge

Akrobat, a top European trampoline manufacturer with over two decades of experience, faced the daunting task of penetrating the highly competitive US market.

With its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability, Akrobat wanted to introduce its premium trampolines to a new audience of children, athletes, and health-conscious adults.

The primary challenge was to create a successful brand launch, generate buzz, and capture the attention of millions of potential customers in the United States.


Akrobat collaborated with the 916 Hub marketing team and DD Squad to organize an exclusive Content Creator Meet-Up event, featuring the World’s Biggest Trampoline in Los Angeles.

The event aimed to engage influential content creators, generate brand awareness, enhance social media engagement, and create excitement around Akrobat’s U.S. launch.

Through this innovative approach, over 100 content creators, including Steve-O, attended the event.

This collaboration allowed Akrobat to effectively utilize influencer marketing and event planning to establish their presence in the American trampoline industry.


Over 100 top content creators attended the event, with a combined following of 50 million. The content reached 350 million views on social media, introducing the brand to millions of potential customers and creating a strong US presence.

The authentic reviews, testimonials, and exciting collaborations resonated well with the audience. The Content Creator Meet-Up, supported by influencer marketing, strategic event planning, and innovative collaborations, proved highly effective for launching Akrobat in the US.

The success highlights the power of these combined strategies and the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability.

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