CeraVe: Moisturize like a derm campaign

The challenge

CeRave, a skincare brand known for its dermatologist-recommended moisturizing cream formulated with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and other beneficial ingredients, aimed to create a user-generated content (UGC) campaign that would resonate across four markets: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

The campaign needed to highlight the product’s unique features and effectiveness while also raising brand awareness.

It was essential to involve suitable TikTok influencers who were genuinely interested in the product and could promote it authentically.

The challenge and solution had to be simple enough to replicate and catalyze UGC content creation, leading to increased brand visibility and consumer engagement.


The CeRave MOISTURIZE LIKE A DERM TikTok campaign featured a custom filter called CeRave MLAD, designed as a game in which players catch ceramides to win. The unique soundtrack accompanying the game emphasized the importance of moisturizing through its lyrics, subtly incorporating CeRave’s key ingredients and benefits into the song.

To make the game go viral and ensure widespread adoption, 32 influencers across all four target markets were recruited to create hype and showcase the game and the product story. These influencers were chosen based on their interest in skincare and their ability to convey the importance of using high-quality products like CeRave’s moisturizing cream.

The influencers were instrumental in popularizing the CeRave MLAD filter, showcasing its fun and engaging gameplay while also highlighting the moisturizing cream’s benefits and suitability for various skin types. This strategy was aimed at inspiring users in the target markets to create their own content using the filter, thus generating organic UGC and further promoting the product.


The CeRave MOISTURIZE LIKE A DERM TikTok campaign proved to be a success. The CeRave MLAD filter ranked among the top 5% of filters in the region. The 32 pieces of content created by the influencers received 1,330,000 views, 107,000 likes, and more than 1000 comments and shares. Furthermore, the campaign spurred the creation of over 400 pieces of UGC content by users across all four markets.

The effective use of influencers, combined with an engaging and interactive filter that highlighted CeRave’s unique selling points, successfully promoted the CeRave moisturizing cream and its benefits across the targeted markets. The campaign not only raised brand awareness but also facilitated UGC creation, further enhancing the brand’s presence and reputation. This innovative approach to marketing helped CeRave stand out in the competitive skincare industry and connect with consumers in a fun and engaging manner.

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