The challenge

Citypark Ljubljana, a premier shopping center in Slovenia, sought to attract a younger demographic and support the local TikTok community by creating an engaging and recognizable TikTok profile. Their goal was to provide opportunities for smaller creators and increase footfall at the shopping center.


Collaborating with smaller TikTok creators allowed Citypark Ljubljana to showcase its extensive range of shops, restaurants, and venues through engaging content. By focusing on themes such as fashion, beauty, cuisine, entertainment, and sports, they created content that resonated with younger audiences. Collaborations with creators like Janja Balant, who became one of Slovenia’s most recognizable TikTokers, demonstrated the success of this approach.

Citypark Ljubljana initiated a trend followed by over 50 TikTok creators, inviting users to join their profile and become part of the community. An interactive campaign with 3D stickers placed in the shopping center engaged visitors in content creation, increasing recognition and gaining new followers.


Citypark Ljubljana’s TikTok profile successfully engaged younger audiences and supported the local community, resulting in increased visibility, footfall, and interest in the shopping center’s offerings. Collaborating with smaller creators provided opportunities for creative talents who may not have had the chance to shine otherwise. Their trend initiation and interactive stickers campaign encouraged user involvement and fostered a sense of community among followers.


With 30.2K followers, 153 posts, 7M total views, an average of 45.8K views per post, and the highest number of views being 1.6M, Citypark Ljubljana’s TikTok profile is an exemplary model for engaging and inspiring younger audiences while supporting the local community. Future plans include more interactive campaigns to increase visitor involvement and contribute to even greater success.

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