The challenge

Curaprox, a Swiss oral care brand, wanted to increase its brand awareness by targeting a younger audience in Slovenia through TikTok. The challenge was to make the brand more appealing and relatable to Gen Z TikTok users while also providing them with valuable information about oral health.


To address the challenge, Curaprox adopted a multi-faceted strategy that involved a variety of content formats and influencer marketing. The brand created a combination of educational videos, funny skits, and challenges to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The educational videos provided important information about oral health, while the skits and challenges created a fun and engaging atmosphere on Curaprox’s TikTok profile.


To expand its reach, Curaprox collaborated with main and guest influencers who already had a significant following on TikTok. These influencers helped to promote Curaprox to a younger audience in a relatable and authentic manner. Initially, Curaprox had two brand ambassadors on TikTok, but the brand later increased the number of guest influencers to one per month, allowing the brand to leverage the influencers’ creativity and reach a larger audience.


By leveraging a mix of content formats and influencer marketing, Curaprox successfully scaled its brand awareness, gained a consistent growth in followers, views, and engagements, and introduced its products to a new audience. In the first year, Curaprox gained 6k followers, with 2.4M views and 150k engagements, and in 2022, gained 11k followers, with 5.6M views and 436.5k engagements. As of March 2023, Curaprox gained 18.5k followers, with 10M views and 662k engagements.

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