Launching Škoda Slovenia's TikTok Profile

The challenge

Develop a TikTok profile for Škoda Slovenia targeting Gen-Z while maintaining ŠKODA’s global communication strategy, and establish an engaging presence in the first three months.


A triumphant communication strategy for TikTok was created through collaboration among Škoda Slovenija, which exhibited the courage to embrace new platforms; their in-house agency Poslovni mediji, which possessed a deep understanding of the brand; and 916HUB, which held extensive knowledge of TikTok and comprehended Generation Z. Together, they addressed the challenge of generating authentic TikTok content that excelled on the platform while synchronizing with Škoda’s brand identity across other channels.

Marketing Strategy Components: Goals, SWAT analysis, target audience identification, benchmarks, and key performance indicators were established.

Content Strategy Components: Creators/influencers were selected, and content was organized into mini-series covering brand strong points, car culture, and adapted TikTok trends. Over the first three months, 40 posts were created.


In the first three months, the TikTok profile achieved 5,000 new followers, 1.5M video views, 40,000 average post reach, and 240,000 views on the best-performing post. The collaboration and strategies implemented proved effective in engaging Gen-Z and establishing a strong brand presence on TikTok.

Video views