The challenge

Spar Slovenia aimed to engage a younger audience on TikTok and position themselves as a modern and trendy retailer.

They needed to create content that stood out, was entertaining, and aligned with their brand message.

The target audience was 15-30-year-olds, with a focus on the younger portion of that demographic.

Spar aimed to connect with TikTokers in a way that was consistent with the platform’s culture and appealed to their interests.

They also aimed to indirectly reach older generations through their teenage children, who could influence purchasing decisions.


To create content for their TikTok profile, Spar Slovenia partnered with 916HUB. The primary goal of the campaign was to create engaging content that resonated with younger audiences, highlighting Spar Slovenia as a brand that caters to their needs. To achieve this, Spar Slovenia collaborated with TikTok influencers and incorporated popular music, filters, and trends to attract and engage a wider audience while still maintaining brand identity.

The campaign focused on six main content pillars, including showcasing the in-store experience, sharing recipes from Michelin-starred chefs, promoting online shopping and delivery services, creating content around popular TikTok trends, highlighting seasonal topics and events, and introducing contestants and showcasing products from Štartaj Slovenija’s new season. To make the content more appealing to a wider audience, posts were categorized into different pillars.


The updated results of the campaign show that Spar Slovenia’s TikTok campaign, in collaboration with 916HUB, has been a success. The campaign has received a total of 13.6 million views and has maintained a strong following of 40.4K followers.

The highest number of views on a single post is 4.6 million, indicating that the content has continued to resonate well with the audience. The campaign has successfully positioned Spar Slovenia as a modern, trendy retailer, with relevant and entertaining content that resonates with the younger audience.

The collaboration with TikTok influencers, popular music, filters, and trends has resulted in increased brand visibility and attractiveness, as well as reaching wider audiences.

The campaign continues to be a great example of the strategic use of social media platforms such as TikTok to achieve marketing goals and grow a brand’s presence.

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