Slovenian Tourist Board - Turizem je zakon

The challenge

The challenge lies in crafting a digital content campaign that not only grabs the attention of Generation Z but also piques their curiosity and motivates them to consider careers in the tourism industry.

This requires a deep understanding of Gen Z’s values, preferences, and aspirations, as well as their communication style and preferred platforms.

The campaign needs to convey the message that the tourism sector offers diverse, exciting, and fulfilling career opportunities that align with Gen Z’s quest for independence, financial stability, and desire to make a positive impact on the world.


To create a campaign that resonates with Gen Z, it is crucial to showcase selected professions in the tourism sector, emphasizing the unique benefits and value they bring. Using modern and appealing language, along with memorable and trendy slogans that align with Gen Z’s values and preferences, is essential to capture their attention.

The central theme of the campaign, “Creating Experiences,” reflects Gen Z’s aspirations in their careers, focusing on opportunities to make a difference, collaborate with others, and create lasting, meaningful experiences in their work and lives. By tailoring the campaign to their desires and aspirations, it becomes more likely to engage and inspire them to explore the diverse opportunities in the tourism sector. In doing so, the campaign can effectively tap into the potential of this influential generation, fostering a new wave of passionate professionals in the tourism industry.


The campaign successfully captured the interest of Gen Z, as evidenced by its impressive performance on TikTok:

  • Top-performing post: 600K views, showcasing the power of relatable and engaging content.
  • A growing community: The campaign attracted 5.3K followers, demonstrating its ability to create a connection with Gen Z and spark their interest in tourism careers.
  • Consistent engagement: With 75 posts published, the campaign garnered a total of 2.5M views, averaging 33.3K views per post. This consistent engagement indicates that the content resonated with the target audience and kept them intrigued.
  • Viral potential: The most-viewed post reached 599K views, showcasing the campaign’s potential to go viral and reach an even broader audience.
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